Oakland, CA



bart | 19th street oakland station canopy

A canopy over access points to underground stations has been thought about for a number of years at BART. A canopy is a simple and effective way of offering weather protection for passengers and escalator equipment. It also provides station identity and schedule information through the use of LED displays located on the street level and visible to arriving passengers. Working through a series of design iterations, the design team considered form, materials, signage, landscaping, art work, and lighting. The proposed
design has become a prototype and was installed at the Oakland 19th Street station as a pilot project.

The design incorporates a curved glass canopy with interior LED light for security and visibility. A security gate is provided to keep out vandals, and a door is provided for station agent access during non-operating hours. The canopy is a beacon welcoming passengers day and night, as is visible for approximately ¼ mile away.

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