San Diego, CA


Forge Land Company LLC

India & Beech

The proposed design at India and Beech is a unique and expressive new addition to the San Diego Skyline. The glazed upper portion of the residential tower is broken down in scale with shifts in volume and angular variation in the glass. These shifting volumes are enhanced with balconies to accentuate the movement of the façade, provide verticality, and allow a unique expression from different vantage points on the skyline. The residential floors hover above a third level indoor/outdoor amenity deck, including a pool and bar/lounge space, providing a social club atmosphere for the residents. Below the deck is a large scale art installation, cladding a mechanized parking system. This art installation, envisioned as a perforated metal expression of the local fishing industry, will be constructed by current landowner Frank Asaro, and provide a visual link to the area’s rich history.