Selected to Design J!NS Flagship Store in Union Square / by Elaine Chan

We are very excited to be selected as the architecture firm to design the first flagship store of J!NS, a popular Japanese eyeglasses brand, in Union Square. Our architects are already packing their suitcases, getting ready for the upcoming Japan trips!

Here's a glimpse of J!NS --

Believing in the Potential of Eyewear in the Future

"Eyeglasses, not only as vision correction devices, are to play numerous roles in human life including protecting eyes, maintaining health, and enhancing visibility, etc. Any one of us living in the modern era might be in need of such functional eyewear in the future. Eyeglasses, which prevent and/or reduce the symptoms of computer-related eye strain and/or allergic reactions such as hay fever, are already in high demand. Also, since many people are now enjoying jogging and recreational sports such as golfing, eyeglasses which provide not only high visibility but also high UV-reduction performance will be more sought-after items. To deliver the best and most reliable eyeglasses to customers, JINS conducts its product development in collaboration with industries and universities. We see a great potential in eyeglasses for the improvement of life style in general. Anyone may be in need of an excellent pair of eyeglasses.