Westfield Cargo Facility Goes Under Construction / by Faraaz Mirza

New Cargo Facility at San Francisco International Airport

  Monday, June 17, 2013


Kwan Henmi has held a long and lasting partnership with the San Francisco International Airport, having assisted the airport's facility and operations team on multiple campus upgrade projects over the past decade.  These projects include design and construction of stations for SFO's passenger commuter system, Airtrain completed in 2000, the design and construction of the Westfield Employee Parking Garage completed in 2004, and most recently the Administrative Building 575 completed in 2010.  KH also assisted SOM on the development of the new International Terminal in 2000, specifically the development of the arrivals terminal. 

This history of project experience at the San Francisco International Airport extends back to founder Sylvia Kwan's early experiences working on airport projects as a new hire for Gensler in 1978.  Her early career opportunity to research and understand this complex transportation type led to Sylvia's interest in ultimately developing Kwan Henmi's transportation design team as a leading company in the Bay Area.  Kwan Henmi has a continued to build a portfolio that includes diverse projects for numerous Bay Area transportation agencies, and continues to excels in this market as a leading architectural design firm.  

In partnership with McCarthy Builders, the new Westfield Cargo Facility  has led the design effort of a modern, state-of-the-art cargo facility that will house new airport cargo services tenants.  This project has been designed with the intent to bring a modern edge to the standard principles of a large box space, merging color, light, and materials to enhance the user experience.  The team started demolition of the prior cargo facility that occupied the site in early June, and will be moving into the first phase of the project during July. The project completion date is anticipated for early summer of 2014.