Our Arterra building is featured in the SF Gate's "Top 10 Towers" / by David Chin

Arterra was California's first LEED SIlver residential high rise community.

Arterra was California's first LEED SIlver residential high rise community.

Arterra combines the design of a healthy building, sustainability, aesthetics and good business, with the goal to enhance quality of life for residents.  While receiving critical praise, the project is a vibrant, affordable, environmentally responsible contribution to the re-envisioned neighborhood of Mission Bay.

Located just a block from AT&T ballpark, on a brownfield parcel, the project provides 269 high quality, modestly priced condo residences, designed to attract first time buyers. The project combines high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise unit sections, breaking the massing and optimizing views for residents. Bold use of color and varied massing contribute a vibrant and complementary presence to streetscape and skyline, scaled with consideration to surroundings, views and solar angles. Deeply recessed windows alternate with accents of orange set in a deep blue field, mixed with gleaming white facades, providing a graceful rhythm and cohesion while responding to the varied urban contexts.

Arterra has been identified as one of "10 Towers that define San Francisco's skyline" by John King and the San Francisco Chronicle.  Click the link below to read the article and vote for your favorites among some of the city's most exceptional sky-scrapers.